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Contemplate Series.

date. 2023

Each piece in the Contemplate Series is a unique, three-dimensional artifact, meant to be held, caressed, and investigated up close. Every square centimetre holds a mini landscape combining a complex blend of textures and colours that invite intimate exploration and contemplation.


"Drawn by the beauty of form, texture, and subtle colouring, I find the work intriguing on multiple levels. Like an exotic and unexpected find in a tidal pool, or a dew-soaked forest, they are arousing, compelling me to explore deeper. Touch, weight, sight, and even sound segue to a wholly sensual experience.


Exciting my inherent curiosity, the pieces I have invite further exploration of their intriguing beauty, and to consider again the intrinsic qualities they bring to my personal environment.


They inhabit my space with a natural and positive presence, as if whispering, they call me to hold them, to seek anew the mystery each piece emotes. 


Like a found object that holds a special place, a natural object one finds comfort in, or a piece that transports the mind as in a soaring dream, these are a portal through which I have come to find joy and inspiration."


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