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life cycle project.

date. 2022

This collection marks the beginning of my career as a professional ceramic artist. I developed this distinctive style during a creative mentorship that started in September 2020 and culminated in May 2022 with a group exhibition called “Gaining Ground”. This is the artist statement I wrote for the show:


I’ve been thinking a lot about butterfly sperm. My contribution to this exhibition was born out of my fascination with systems and fractals – patterns that recur at progressively smaller (or larger) scales. Watching my lemon tree grow from a seed, looking closely at Romanesco broccoli, and staring at the myriad pathways torrential rainfalls cut into muds hills are all connected in my mind, and inspirational for my clay practice. The microscopic to the macroscopic, there are systems at play creating the wonders we experience in our everyday lives but seldom notice or contemplate. The forms, textures, colours, and surfaces in each of my pieces relate to one another. Using the same materials and processes, each piece is a different iteration of its predecessor, representing the intriguing life cycle of a creature that epitomizes transformation, the butterfly.

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